Friday, May 25, 2007

Madeline's 4th Birthday Party

Madeline had a GREAT 4th Birthday. We bought her a bicycle. To suprise her we set it up in her room after she fell asleep, so when she woke up in the morning of her birthday she would see it...NOT! She got up and ran right into our room and exclaimed, "It's my Birfday today, am I 4?" She totally missed her present. To get her back into her room to discover her present I told her to go change. She walked right back into her room and, you guessed it missed her bicycle again. When she finally noticed it she smiled big and asked, "is that for me?" We had her party at The Little Gym. She had a blast.

80 to 100 mph

North Texas has experienced it's worst severe weather season in about 10 years. Being from California, I have never become use to this. Thunderstorms scare me to death. In late April & early May we have had to seek shelter in our tub several times. (For those of you who are wondering why the tub, well if you do not have an sturdy interior room in your home, it is suggested that you seek shelter in your tub...preferably a good old cast iron one.) Luckily, during the April 24th storm, Madeline and Nathan enjoyed playing with flashlights while we waited it out.

May 2nd Kelly, Madeline, and I were waiting out yet another storm in our tub. Madeline thought it was fun to eat dessert tub and I was trying hard not to let on that I was scared to death. The wind was blowing at an estimated 80 to 100 mph when we heard a loud hollow thump. You know, people say that strong winds and tornados sound like a freight train going over your home...not so, to me it sounded like a freight train plus a low flying jet combined. The strong wind lasted about 10 to 15 minutes and we got 3.5" of rain in 40 minutes. When all was said and done and the winds had calmed a bit, Kelly went to survey damage if any (Madeline and I stayed in the tub a bit longer just for good measure) and discovered we had lost our big beautiful tree in the front yard. It landed right on our truck but no damage was done to the it. We were blessed to only have a tree fall down. Our neighbors in Kansas experinced a F5 tornado a few days later destroying a whole town. We thank God for the protection He aforded us and pray for peace, comfort, and provision for the families who lost loved ones, homes, and livelihood in Kansas.