Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Independance Day

We had a wonderful Independence Day Celebration with family, food, swimming, and a lot of fireworks. The girls did not get to sleep until after 10pm (and for Rebekah that was REALLY pushing it) but it was worth it for her to celebrate her first Independence Day. She was not scared at all at the loud booms...just a big smile. On a side note, fireworks sold to the public have become more sophisticated than when I was a kid.

Rebekah having a Ball.


I smell HotDogs!


Working on a Holiday

The Commute

Chilling in the pool


A balancing act

Sue Sue Goofing off

Madeline, Cousin Joanne, Rebekah and Elizabeth

WOW!!! (expression when a string of lady fingers were lit)

I'm Tired and I WANT MOMMY!!!!!!

Pop Pop and Nathan

Sparkler fun (although sparklers when I was younger were funner)