Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Fort Worth Stocking Show & Rodeo ~ With the weather report saying it was going to be in the mid 50's we all ventured off to the stockshow only to discover the weather report was way off. The cloud cover never broke and needless to say it was very chilly. Becasue we waited to the last weekend to go, all the animals were gone except for the rabbits. Spotted Giant Rabbits are HUGE!! Madeline picked out many new rabbits she would like to have.What is it about tractors and kids. Madeline had to climb into every tractor & horse trailer she saw. Rebekah was content to remain in the stroller where it was warm.

Madeline has turned out to be a bit of a dare devil riding some big girl rides. Tilt-a-Whirl for one. She and I rode the Scorpion and I got sick and a migraine, Madeline just laughed. Rebekah on the other hand was content with the petting zoo. She stayed away from the bigger animals but the baby goats she was all over.The day ended with both girls worn out and asleep within minutes after getting in the car.