Sunday, April 25, 2010

Play Ball

Mads birthday ended with a bang last night. One of her birthday presents was a day at the ballpark watching her loved Texas Ranger"s play the Detroit Tigers. When we got there we learned we were chosen for a complimentary upgrade of our tickets to right behind Homeplate. Also, while watching the Ranger's warm up Mads saw her favorite player, Josh Hamilton in centerfield. She called out to him a couple of times and when he heard her he waived and she added on, "It's my birthday." Josh threw a few more times then turned & again waived to us motioning he was going to throw her a ball. I ran and got my glove while he walked a bit closer to throw it. All the while what was going on in my mind was, "don't miss the ball, you better catch this ball!" Thankfully, or maybe luckily, I caught the ball and Mads day, maybe even year, was made. The Ranger's lost the game but wow what a day it was. On the way home she fell asleep mid sentence.
Mads starts ball T-Ball/Coach Pitch baseball league tomorrow. We have been working with her to learn to catch the ball, she throws (not like a girl) and hits pretty well but still had not got the hang of catching. Well tonight she got the hang of it. Kelly spent about an hour and a half with her tonight. She is excited to play on a "real" baseball team and we are hoping she GREAT!
Play Ball
Keep your eyes open and you won't get hit in the chin
Finally a catch
Getting the signal from the catcher
Visualizing the strike
The wind up
The strech
Keeping her eye on the ball