Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last week Kelly came home from work Thursday morning with some type of stomach bug and slept all day, night, and all Friday morning, Madeline has a wicked cough, and Rebekah's "nose is running like a sieve." I had to look that one up because I have always heard that phrase used but never really know what it meant, but first I had to learn how to spell sieve. Anyhow, I am the only one not sick and I am thankful for that. So between wiping noses and a screaming baby because her poor little nose is raw, I found time to go to my weekly Friday lunch with the girls and had a wonderful time in the almost 80 degree weather at the park.

Real early this morning (1:30a) Rebekah woke up with a fever of 103.4 and very fussy. After Motrin and about 2 hours of sweet snuggling in our comfy recliner she finally went back to sleep and slept the rest of the night. Right now she is just fine, having a ball playing Lego's with Madeline and watching Elmo's World (ARRGGG).

Today, we are under a winter storm warning, our high temp was reached at 6am (32) and we will be steadily falling through the day into the 20's. We are waiting for the rain, or should I say ice, to start falling. No ice yet but they have already cancelled Madeline's school. It is a good day to stay inside and watch movies and drink Starbucks.

Rebekah's few words are becoming more clear and understandable. "More" sounds like "mooow" and "please" is "peeesss". We had some tough love sessions with her for her to sign please. She knows how to do it but absolutely refused to do so when asked. So there was a lot of crying and screaming when she did not get what she wanted. Rebekah now is all too happy to sign it for you along with saying it in her sweet voice. She has even picked up on signing thank you just by watching me sign it each time I said it to her. She is also trying to say many other words as well. Rebekah will say "woof" when you ask her what a dogs says. Yesterday while watching tv she saw some horses and would "woof" and "woof" each time she saw them...very cute. She recognizes herself in pictures and when asked "whos that" she will points to herself. Rebekah is not walking yet STILL ~ ARGGGG! She is getting more sure footed by the day and we are just waiting for the day when she takes that "leap" of faith and lets go. She is also getting the hang of blowing her nose, which she thinks is a game and there is less crying.

Madeline has discovered watching movies on netflix online. She is doing great in school, though having concentration issues with math.

All in all ~ all is well with us, take it easy everyone.