Saturday, February 27, 2010

Madeline and I ran in the Fort Worth Cowtown 5K this morning. It was a chilly start but we warmed up quickly once we began moving and the sun rose over the buildings. There was literally a sea of people lined up for the start. We were about 10 yards back from the starting line, I felt like cattle waiting to be herded.This was a first for both of us, running in a 5K. I have been told not to run seeing that the majority of the cartilage is missing in my right knee.I did anyway and my knee made it all of 5 minutes before it buckled and lost most of its strength. I was able to continue to the end but slowly which was not a bad thing. At first Madeline had a hard time running at an even place. She wanted to sprint the whole race but quickly realized that it was longer than she had expected and slowed to a more even pace. We ran most of the race only walking for 3 short distances.
We crossed the finish line with a time of 1 hour 7 minutes 56 seconds and I thought "WOW, that hour went fast." I looked at my watch and realized we had only been running for 25 minutes. I later learned that either the "kids 5k run" was marked off wrong or a "course monitor" sent the whole lot of us on the wrong route. We ACTUALLY only ran a 2.5K (1.8 miles). Again, this turned out not to be a bad thing and my knee was very appreciative. I know the 2 weeks of pain I am going to have in my knee is all worth the GREAT time spent with Madeline today.
Crossing the finish line ~ YEAH

All smiles before the race