Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Early Picture of Rebekah

There is the wonderful organization that is working in many Chinese orphanages, Love Without Boundaries. LWB assists in education, medical, nutrition, foster care, and much more. We were very lucky that LWB was actively working in the XiuShan Social Welfare Institute where Rebekah was living before we adopted her. Another service they offer is giving adoptive families additional information or photos about their child. I stumbled upon their website accidentally after we received our referral and just recently submitted a form to receive additional information. What they were able to send me was this photo they believe was taken about 1 month before Gotcha Day. There is no doubt that this is Rebekah.

Please check out their website and see the amazing work they are doing in orphanages in China.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Rebekah got her certificate of citizinship today YEAH!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Get Your Gums Up!!!

Actually, the Texas Tech traditional chant is "Get your Guns up", but Madeline says gums. We went down to College Station to watch the Texas Tech v. A&M game and were pleased with the outcome. Tech 43 A&M 25, although Tech did their best to loose the game in the 1st half. It was HOT!!! I did not know that I could get a sun burn in the middle of October but evidently you can! Madeline was very excited and was chanting "Go Texas Tech" most of the time, even in the line waiting for the shuttle and on the shuttle. I do not think all the Aggie fans that were surrounding us appreciated it that much. (The picture is of her yelling "Get your gums up" at kick off)Madeline stayed interested in the game through the 3rd quarter and would ask if Tech was winning, Nathan on the other hand, 10 minutes into the game asked "When is this over? I'm Hot!" At one point Madeline asked if the "YUCKIES" were winning and when I asked if she meant the "Aggies" she said, "yeah, those guys." We were sitting in the north section of the stadium just about 10 rows from the top...we were high up there but were able to get some good pictures. We kicked around the idea of taking Rebekah to the game but we were glad we did not, she had some good quality time with Pop Pop and Aunt Sue Sue, and she did not even mind that we left.

In Aggie Land

Gonna Get Hit

Harrell Passing

Tech Marching Band


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1 month

It has been 1 month since Gotcha Day and everything is GREAT. Rebekah has changed so much. She has gained weight and is more animated. She is talking, laughing, and just making a lot more noise other than just crying. She is also getting around a bunch more, albeit, very slowly. It is a crying crawl, which is quite amusing to us, but not to her. She so far has eaten everything we have put in front of her with 3 exceptions...applesauce, yogurt, and baby food...and she eats a bunch. She still is a great sleeper although she has learned the rollover and get on your hands and knee and scream in the crib technique to wake herself up at the most inopportune times. Rebekah is slowly getting use to the dogs but she is still guarded

Madeline has made it through the adjustment of being a big sister and only has a few moments of feeling left out. She is doing great in school and likes it that she has something that is only for her and she does not have to share it with her sister. She is very giving and compasionate with Rebekah.

We are really blessed that God has chosen Madeline and Rebekah to be our daughters.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Madeline always entertains us with her wit and some of the thoughts that run through her head and this morning was no different. At 6am while we were still waking up Madeline was watching qubo (a all kids channel) an infomercial came on about the "iron gym" a workout apparatus that you attach to a door jam so you can do pull ups and other workout stuff. A little background, Madeline is an infomercial junkie, it seems she gets more entertainment from the commercials that the cartoon. When she gets to watch TV she is constantly asking us if we need this or that and will bring us the phone and recited the phone number. Her biggest wish is to some day have the "pancake puff pan." Well, the iron gym infomercial starts out with "wanna get strong, wanna get lean, wanna get ripped" and as Kelly and I are laying there trying to get a few more minutes of sleep you hear Madeline ask Kelly, "Daddy, do you want to get ripped?"

Later this evening after watching the Dallas Cowboys loose to the Arizona Cardinals in overtime, (yeah, sorry Arlyn), we went to get some dinner (I watched so much football this afternoon that I did not think of what was for dinner). Well we were leaving Wendy's and I was commenting on a Toyota Yaris that was parked next to our car and jokingly said to Kelly he should buy that type of car. (We are throwing around the idea of buying a car instead of a truck when Kelly's truck bites the dust.) Madeline, listening to our conversation, pipes up, "yeah but don't steal that one."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"I Fall To Pieces"

I am reminded of that Patsy Cline song whenever Rebekah sees a rabbit, dog (this includes Wags the Dog on the Wiggles DVD), cat, leaves blowing across the ground, Madeline's fuzzy butterfly wand, and putting her feet in grass. She litterally falls to pieces, crying and screaming! I hate to say it but it is almost quite comical especially when we put her feet in the put her feet on the grass she cries, take her feet off seconds later,she stops, put her feet on CRY off STOP CRYING. I have to chuckle.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Rebekah is now sleeping through the night...YEAH!! She has a few restless moments which wake me up but I am easily lulled back to sleep by Kelly's snores. I am feeling more and more human with the more sleep I get.