Saturday, June 28, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Kelly and I got to go to our first Texas Ranger's game of the season last night and it was GREAT because they won (usually when we go they loose). I am finally getting around to learning how to use the fancy features on my camera and tried my hand at it last night. We were in a luxury suite (thank you Freese and Nichols - Kelly's employer) so we were a bit a ways away but my telephoto lens got me closer. The first picture I call the balancing act because they balanced the bat for Milton Bradley on its end till he could return to the plate.
Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton both had a good game. Here they are connecting for a double (Kinsler) and a single (Hamilton).
This one is for my friend, Rodney, in California. A picture of the new Cowboys Stadium just down the road from The Ballpark in Arlington. I took this picture from the upper deck of the Ballpark. I have to admit this will be the best football stadium around even if it is for the Cowboys...GO 49ERS!!!