Sunday, August 24, 2008

The birthday that almost wasn't

I am not one of those people that does not like to tell people my age, I just do not like a big fuss about my birthday. I almost got away with it this year. 3 days and counting to my birthday and not a word...YEAH! But then my sweet friends; Elissa, Patti, Sonia, Edith, Rachel, and Cathy hoodwinked me and threw me a surprise birthday lunch. They had me so clueless that I was the one calling and reminding everyone of our weekly lunch without knowing that it was already set. Well, with Madeline at the lunch the cat was out of the bag. Madeline proceeded to tell literally everyone and then began to plot with Daddy. Saturday morning I got breakfast in bed (my birthday isn't until Monday). They would whisper right in front of me about what they were going to do and then run to the store, lock themselves away in her room as they made gifts for me. Tonight, Sunday...still one day before my birthday, Madeline comes out from her room with a poster and gift bag, she has a very hard time with secrets as does every 5 year old, about ready to burst with joy and excitement. She loves rainbows and her present to me reflects that. In the bag is a pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon shirt. Kelly says when she saw it she insisted on getting mama the rainbow shirt. I love it! Even my dad and sister surprised me. This weekend I am reminded that I have been blessed with family and friends who do so much for me. I am thankful for them and even though I would have been totally content with my birthday slipping by without anyone noticing, I am very touched that they all took notice and celebrated with me. THANK YOU ALL...I LOVE YOU!