Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sorry I have not updated ya'll lately but I have been sick the last day and a half. The only thing that is keeping me going is phenegren and Imodium...yeah, TMI. I am thankful that I have made it this far being healthy so I am not going to complain. The White Swan Hotel is just as we remember central. Lots of faces carrying beautiful baby girls.

It is not so hot here but the humidity is stifling. We are trying to do all the sight seeing early in the morning to get it done before the heat sets in but you have to get up way early. We went out on a tour at 8:45am and by 9:30 we were ready to be in air conditioning. Kelly and Madeline spend many hours in the pool which is Wonderful although Rebekah is not all to fond of it just yet. She sat in the pool in my lap and I think she put up with it. She is right now very much enjoying the Wiggles while she is making a pooh...again TMI!

We are going to go to a traditional Cantonese restaurant tonight and I am going to try the roasted kidding, I like to try most things at least once. Before we left Chongqing Kelly and I found a great Japanese restaurant that cooked the food right in front of you and it was very delish. We ordered the calamari without thinking it was not fried like we are use to in the states. They took the whole squid, about the size of a base ball, tentacles and all and threw it on the grill. And boy was it DELISH as well. I also had caviar. It was not at all like I had thought it would be, most people say it is bitter, but it was kinda sweet to me, and when you put it in your mouth you could smell the fishiness not taste it.

I have not done as much shopping this time. I think it is because I have specific things I want and do not want to go and buy every little girl outfit I see. I will by about 3 because I did not bring that many with us. I am enjoying sightseeing and taking pictures more this time around than last time...I think is has something to do with my camera.

Rebekah has come along way since the 11th. She is sitting upright by herself with no assistance and she is even trying to crawl although she will get up on her hands and knees and take one "step" and then fall over to one side. She is real content with the commando crawl. She is becoming more vocal as well. Rebekah is trying to feed herself Cheerios but has not quite grasped the getting it in her mouth part and gets frustrated. She also loves pushing the buttons on the dvd player and that frustrates Madeline. She is not fond of loud places with alot of commotion and she is not like Madeline who gets up happy and bounding through the house, she is a cranky wakerupper. The last two days we had to get her up before her nap was over and YIKES we do not want to do that too often. She is in a bad mood for several hours and nothing seems to comfort her.

It is time for dinner...thats all for now.