Thursday, September 25, 2008

On a boat or on a plane, we come into America!

We were singing that Neil Diamond song as we de-boarded the plane in Mineapolis. Rebekah officially became a US citizen the moment we cleared passport control. Join us welcoming our new 10 month old citizen.

We have an extended Thursday, 13 extra hours. This whole trip we have had good sleep and the night we NEED a good night sleep Madeline has a nasty bout with tummy cramps and Rebekah is fussing in her crib because of all the commotion we are making with Madeline. Our day in a nutshell...we get up a 4am (after about only 3 hours sleep for me), get to the airport at 6am, go through 4 security check points where we show our passports, bording passes, and have our bags searched, board the plane at 7:40am, sit on the plane for 2 hours at the gate while they change the nose tire, I get a migraine during the delay (and it is really not fun throwing up in a plane toilet), take off 2 hours late knowing we will more than likely miss our connecting flight, land in Tokyo to learn they have delayed our connecting flight just for us (YEAH!!!), have to book it thourgh 2 more security checkpoints, board the a loaded plane of frustrated passengers, bump a few heads and shoulders with my carry-on while I walk the narrow aisles to our seat, plop down in our seat, and take off 5 minutes later. Our flight was shorter than expected, plus they flew a bit faster to make up for the delay.

It seemed once we landed on home tarmac all was well with the world. We were all smiles and I was crying as usual, I don't know why, I just couldn't stop the tears from falling. We got to the hotel at 1:30 inthe afternoon and promptly took a nap while Madeline watched PBS (which she missed terribly). It was very hard to wake up. Kelly is already sleeping and I am tending to the little ones while I wait for the magical hour of 8:30 when I put all to bed and finish packing before our long awaited flight to Fort Worth at 9:30am. I never know how to end a post on our blog so I will just end it with GOOD NIGHT!