Friday, August 8, 2008

Go World!!

The Olympics have begun - YEAH!! I can officially dust off my Olympic Junkie t-shirt. I am hoping the coverage on NBC will be better this year than in past. A couple of highlights for me was the 2008 drummers that opened the opening ceremonies. WOW! I am about half way through the parade of nations and I am looking forward to seeing two specific people when the USA comes in. First, the US citizen who is carrying the American Flag is Lopez Lomong a naturalized citizen from Sudan who was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. He is running in the 1500 meter. The second person I will be looking for in the US team is my brother-in-law Brian Olson. He is competing in his 4th Olympic Games in Judo. He is in the 90kg weight class and, as near as I can figure out, his first match is Wednesday August 13th. He will be matched up with Rosati Diego from Argentina. GO BRIAN!!! He has never metaled in the Olympics and came in 7th in the 2000 games. What is amazing about his participation in the 2008 Olympics is he retired after the 2004 games. He qualified for these Olympics after being idle from competition for 3 years. He only had 1 year to train and prepare for the Olympic Trials. His team mates believed he deserved to be Captain of the Judo Olympic Team.