Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Madeline's 1st Ranger's Game...well sort of

Technically, this is Madeline's 2nd Ranger's game but the 1st she did not spend it with her head buried in daddy's chest because the Ranger's mascot, Captain, came within 20 rows of her. She enjoyed the game, however, she confused her new favorite player, Josh Hamilton with the Princess Diaries character Josh Pryant. She cheered loudly when Hamilton had a base hit and then scored a run (unfortunately, it was a slow night for him) and wanted to know why he was not up all the time. Madeline learned the "LETS GO RANGER'S LETS GO" cheer, although got a bit mixed up and would shout LETS GO 49ER'S LETS GO, which got some strange looks to say the least. She also learned to say CHARGE after the trumpet sound, although she never got why we said charge and not "hit the ball." We were fortunate to be sitting in front of a mother and son from Tokyo who were there to watch Ichiro, the right fielder with the Mariners. We were sitting in the home run porch right behind Ichiro and I was able to get a few GREAT shots of him making a play.