Saturday, September 13, 2008

I wish we had more pictures to share with you but the truth is we have not really been able to get out of the hotel for the last 1 1/2 days because of little ones being sick. Madeline by far has the worst of it. Early this morning (2:30a) she woke up with a fever of 105.4 and we thought that has to be wrong so we took it again and it was 104.4. We then broke out a different thermometer and yet another temp of 103.4registered. By now you can imangine we were pulling our hair out. Being that we were in China and her temp was litterally all over the place we called our pediatrician whose office was closed becasue it was Saturday in TX. We got Cook Children's Hospital and spoke to a nurse who did not understand we could not bring her in to have a rapid strep test done because we are in China, she did not feel it was much after we described her symptoms. I told the nurse we have antibiotics for her just in case but we were not going to use them unless her fever lasts more than 3 days and only after we speak to our pediatrician and she agreed that was a good plan. Other than the fever Madeline is her normal bouncing off the wall self, with a few meltdowns. Rebekah Wei Wei had a fever also but it was not bad. Rebekah Wei Wei is adjusting GREAT!!! She is full of smiles and laughter, although she will let you know it if she is upset. We thought Madeline was strong willed...wait till you see this girl. Our only major issue with her is she is not taking a bottle for us. We are having a difucult time getting fluids in her. The most we have got in her in a day was 2 bottles of 110ml each, but usually it is 1 bottle. We are now resorting to an eye dropper of water which she DOES NOT LIKE but it is the only way we can get fluids into her. We have a call placed to the orphanage director to give us any suggestions. PLEASE PRAY THAT SHE BEGINS TO TAKE HER BOTTLE WE ARE AT A LOSS

Developmentally, Rebakah Wei Wei is right on target. She can roll over and push herself up on her hands, and even get on her hands and knees. She also can camando crawl for short distances. She had difficulty sitting by herself when we got her but she is getting stronger each day at it. She has a pecular way of comforting herself, she will quietly lay on her back with both hands in the air and rock herself back and forth quite rapidly while she alternates putting her hands on her forehead. She can do this for hours until she falls asleep. If she is mad or does not want something she will put a hand on her face and turn away with a loud cry (sometimes her cry sounds like a laugh). She also has the cutes dimples.

Madeline is very happy to be a big sister but is feeling left out when we cannot pay immediate attention to her like she is use to. We had a Mommy - Maddie shopping spree at the local Toys R Us yesturday which she liked but it was cut short because she began to feel bad.

We are hoping Madeline will feel better so we can attend the Mid Autumn Festival Celebration tonight, we are going on a cruise on the Yangze. All in all we are doing good but please pray for Madeline to feel better and for Rebekah Wei Wei to start taking fluids.