Monday, November 2, 2009


The evening started out very nice, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and Madeline and Rebekah were playing very happily with a pick blanket. Then I ask Madeline to go get something out of my bathroom and she takes off eagerly to help but forgets that Rebekah was still holding on to the blanket. BAM! WAIL! Rebekah's forehead went right into our door frame. NO I did not see the goose egg right away. It seemed to appear out of no where. When I initially looked at her forehead I could have sworn there was no bump but a few seconds later when I looked again there it was in all its glory. I do not do bumps on the head very well and needless to say I freaked out. I sent Madeline to her room with a holler, she was in tears by the way shouting "sorry, I'm sorry." I called Kelly and told him what had happened and that I was on my way to Sonic to get some ice. Then I called my friend Elissa, who is a RN to exploit her knowledge yet again. Thank you Elissa for being so understanding and letting me interrupt your dinner. All that said, Rebekah is fine, a bit of a headache though. She is playing patty cake and animal flashcards with Madeline. We know she will have at least 1 black eye as the goose egg goes down. I am sure I will not get too much sleep tonight but am thankful right now that it is just a goose egg and not worse.