Monday, August 31, 2009

Well my birthday came and went just like I like it...without any fuss. Although, my sweet husband did not let my 42nd birthday go by without something special. He took me to the 49er ~ Dallas game in the new Cowboys Stadium. Jerry Jones spared no Arlington taxpayer or fan expense to bring "us" the new stadium. It was amazing though. We sat in the "Cowboy's Club" Section. This section has cushioned seats and its own private dining area, bathrooms, and bars and there were no lines to wait in ~ very nice! The new big jumbo screen is nice but is a bit of a distraction, you want to watch it instead of the game on the field. I proudly wore my new 49er shirt with no trepidation what so ever. All the cowboy fans we met, save one, were nice and jovial. There was one cowboys fan, who I later found out was drunk out of his mind, about 6 rows above us that would let out this loud obnoxious "WHEW," not when the cowboys made a good play like you think he would, but when they showed the cheerleaders on the big screen. Thankfully, they left mid 3rd quarter.

I do not put much importance on pre-season games but it is always good when the 49ers beat the Cowboy's. And in such good timing with 33 seconds left in the game. I was really impressed by the the rookies Nate Davis out of Ball State and Kory Sheets out of Purdue. Oh and to my earlier post in April about being so excited that the 49er's drafted Michael Crabtree well that excitement has faded away and I do not care if they sign the selfish primadonna now. He has worn out his welcome with this 49er fan now and forever. You know at least T.O. was a proven player before he became a selfish yahoo, Crabtree hasn't played 1 down yet and he wants the world. You know I hope he does sit out the whole season, does he really think another team will pick him up and for the money he wants with an attitude like that. All I can say is the 49ers have offered him more than the what a #10 pick is worth and it is still not good enough, well pooh on him. He seems to think that blaming his agent will explain his hold out, but don't you think if he TRULY believed his agent was the problem he would fire him and get a new one...Naw he's not doing that becasue HE is ultimately the problem. Anyhow, enough of me on my soap box.

Kelly and I had a great time at the game and the girls absolutely loved being spoiled by Ye Ye and Nai Nai. Thank you my Sweet Friend Patti for letting me borrow your telephoto lens it was GREAT. Just a note, I left out the picture of Wade Phillips picking his nose.

49er Nation

Kick Off

1st play ~ Romo to Witten

Witten getting the pass ~ It took 2 49ers to TRY and get him down, best they could do was push him out of bounds

Hill to Gore

Barber making a good run

Breathing down Romo's neck

This is what Romo saw before he threw the interception

After Romo's interception

49er incomplete pass

Its TOUCHDOWN 49er's

Its TOUCHDOWN 49er's

Its TOUCHDOWN 49er's

The catch right before the cowboy's defender jumped over the receiver with out downing him

The jump

Yards gained after the jump...big mistake

Good Dallas Tackle

My age

Final Score ~ YEAH!!!

My Coach!