Monday, September 29, 2008

almost human

It is 8:30pm and QUIET. Everyone, except me, is tucked away in bed sleeping. Sorry for the lateness in this update. We returned home on Friday September 26th exhausted. We were greeted warmly at the airport by family and friends. By the time we got home we were very tired and that tired feeling has not left yet. Although, today I feel almost normal.

Rebekah is adjusting very well, although her body alarm clock is set to WAKE between 12:30 and 1:30am for about 2 hours. In China we had no sleep issues with her, she slept through the night with only a few restless moments, none of which required anyone to get out of bed. That is all changed now. The first couple of nights both Madeline and Rebekah would be awake at the same time crying and in turn I would end up crying. I am ready for normal again.

We have all had head colds from the stuffy plane ride. Rebekah's nose wont stop running and she hates her nose to be wiped so it is a fight every 10 to 15 seconds. She is getting use to new foods as well. I have learned how to steam an egg and I think she approves because she is not spitting it out.

Her first doctors appointment went GREAT! She had to get 5 shots to update her vaccinations but did not seem to be all too bothered by it. She cried for each shot but once the shots were over so was the crying. I am sure ya'll have heard of the contaminated baby food formula in China. The Social Welfare Institute Rebekah was at did not use the contaminated brand but she got a Nestle's product. But to be on the safe side we had the doctor run a urine test on her and all is fine. The doctor and nurses were very surprised that Rebekah would pee for you when I whistled, so that saved a lot of time waiting for her to pee. She has been a bit feverish and fussy today because of the vaccinations and now she likes Motrin and Tylenol, she always wants more because of the yummy grape taste.

Madeline is very glad to be back in school, it is as if she has not missed a day. She has learned her Recitation verse (Philippians 2:14 - 16) and poem on creation they are to recite on Thursday. We worked on it some during the trip but she seems to pick it up faster when I am not the teacher. Kelly went back to work on Monday and comes home exhausted.

I have been having issues with uploading pictures to the blog. I have set the resolution of the pictures to "large" when I take the for when I make copies. I have to make them smaller for the blog. I have a lot of pictures I want to share with you and hopefully I will be able to get them up soon.