Saturday, August 13, 2011

I just popped up to say "hi"
our neighbors doberman loves to peek over their 6" fence

Summer Fun

This Summer has been hotter than usual this year with 40 days of 100+ degree temperatures. Thankfully, we had a wonderful break from the heat yesterday evening and this morning. RAIN! The storms teased us on Thursday but broke through last night. We have got 1.50" inches of rain since last evening and I am excited I do not have to water my lawn this Sunday. The girls have had their fun swimming and playing in the sprinkler. Bek's has become a pretty good swimmer, although when she comes up to take a breath she stops kicking her legs and down she goes. Mad's went to Horse camp for a week at the local stables and now wants a horse. UGH! We have begun shopping for school supplies. Mad's is excited to see all her friends again but not so much about having homework again. Bek's begins a new school this year and we are looking forward to a 3 day a week program for her. I love summers and am sad that my girls have to go back to school, I enjoy them so much.