Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its COLD in Fort Worth

We have had our official 2 days of winter in TX. Yesterday and today did not get above 32 degrees and this morning there was a dusting of snow and ice in Dallas so of course several school district were closed or delayed. Luckily Fort Worth did not get any winter precipitation so it was business as usual YEAH!!
Rebekah has changed so much over these past 3 months she has been with us. She is more active each day as well as verbal. She is also becoming more assertive. Just yesterday she began to point at the things she wants and will grunt and kick her legs. This is great because now we know what she wants but also can get frustrating with all the whining if she doesn't get it. We have taught her sign language for "more" and "cup" which has helped. Today at lunch I was eating some chips with guacamole and Rebekah decided that she wanted what I was eating and kept pointing to the chips and making it known she wanted them. I have started a "this then that" ploy where she eats what she is suppose to eat (the this) THEN she gets the thing she wants (the that). It seems to be working also. She has learned to feed herself crackers and finger foods but I still have not ventured out to let her try to feed herself with a spoon. Rebekah loves playing "where's Rebekah" and will cover up her face with her hands and squeal when she quickly takes them away. She blows sweet kisses.

Rebekah is not walking yet but getting the hang of pulling up on furniture, moving along the furniture, and taking steps while we hold her fingers (which is a big improvement because she would typically just keep her feet in one spot while we moved forward and soon she would be almost laying on the ground). She crawls all over the place. She sometimes convienently forgets how to roll over and will lay on her back and scream.

Bed and nap times are still wonderful times. Rebekah does not fuss at all when I lay her down in her crib. Even when she wakes up she will either just lay their quietly or make happy sounds. We know we are blessed with this. I am sure she leaned this in the orphanage. She also still LOVES to nap in the morning and afternoon for about 2 hours each time. This was very different for me because Madeline did NOT nap but about 30 to 45 minutes a day.

Rebekah loves being with her Jei Jei (big sister). She is now in Madeline's room with her playing with the rabbit which is allowing me to type this. Madeline is also having the time of her life with Rebekah. She has mentioned to me several times that she wishes Rebekah would grow faster so she can play with her more. Madeline will still sleep in Rebekah's room on weekends "just in case she wakes up scared."

We are looking forward to our first Christmas as a family of four.