Sunday, October 12, 2008


Madeline always entertains us with her wit and some of the thoughts that run through her head and this morning was no different. At 6am while we were still waking up Madeline was watching qubo (a all kids channel) an infomercial came on about the "iron gym" a workout apparatus that you attach to a door jam so you can do pull ups and other workout stuff. A little background, Madeline is an infomercial junkie, it seems she gets more entertainment from the commercials that the cartoon. When she gets to watch TV she is constantly asking us if we need this or that and will bring us the phone and recited the phone number. Her biggest wish is to some day have the "pancake puff pan." Well, the iron gym infomercial starts out with "wanna get strong, wanna get lean, wanna get ripped" and as Kelly and I are laying there trying to get a few more minutes of sleep you hear Madeline ask Kelly, "Daddy, do you want to get ripped?"

Later this evening after watching the Dallas Cowboys loose to the Arizona Cardinals in overtime, (yeah, sorry Arlyn), we went to get some dinner (I watched so much football this afternoon that I did not think of what was for dinner). Well we were leaving Wendy's and I was commenting on a Toyota Yaris that was parked next to our car and jokingly said to Kelly he should buy that type of car. (We are throwing around the idea of buying a car instead of a truck when Kelly's truck bites the dust.) Madeline, listening to our conversation, pipes up, "yeah but don't steal that one."