Saturday, August 15, 2009

Got to go to Ranger's Ballpark for a P.L.A.Y. event today. Madeline got to go out on the field and learn how the players warm up for a game with pitcher Eddie Guardado, go into the batting cage with Ian Kinsler, and get a "don't use steroids" talk. She thought it was funny when they said
"...they give you the shot in the butt."
She laughed and laughed. The talk was good for the older youth but was wasted on the younger kiddos. Parents could not accompany the kids onto the field or down in the batting cages so I gave my camera to Ranger's employee to take pictures of her with one of her favorite players ~ Ian Kinsler ~ but she was too shy to get in the batting cage with him. Kinsler spent 3 minutes with each child showing them how to bat ~ TOO COOL. So the Rangers employee got a picture of Madeline with Kinsler behind her. That was the closest she was going to get without mommy around. She told me later that if I were there she would have done it. Her one main observtion about the batting cage area was that, "it smelt funny." You gotta love kids.

When the event was almost over Eddie Guardado came over to where I was and struck up a conversation with me. His 2 boys there and enjoying just having the run of the facilities. Guardado appologized for loosing the game last night ~ he did not loose the game, it was Frankie Francisco in the 9th that did, just for the record. He asked me who my daughter was and I told him and he told me in his station she was very enthusiastic. I asked if he would take a picture with her and he told me he would. BUT she was not over near us yet and a crowd of children came over and started getting autographs. Knowing the event was pressed for time I told Guardado thank you for wanting to take a picture with her and we would try it later but he said, "NO, stay right there, I don't care how long it takes I will get that picture with you."

I am very thankful that the Ranger's ball club is filled with players who take the time with the fans. This is not the only time a player has been nice to my daughter and I doubt the last. Madeline is turning into quite the baseball fan. She is almost able to identify all the Ranger's players by their picture and knows the line up. Although this latest change up putting Hamilton batting 7th then 5th has thrown her off. She still want to meet Josh Hamitlon more than anything. Her goal is to become a Ranger's Ball Girl, they sit on the field and get foul balls and warm up the outfielders between inning. Makes a momma proud her daughter likes sports and not cheerleading.