Tuesday, September 23, 2008

water water everywhere, water water in the hotel

Woke up this morning after a very good nights sleep, which is rare when you are sleeping on a box spring, to look out our 14th floor window to discover that Shamian Island was flooded. Some areas were knee deep in water. Our hotel lobby was flooded as well to an extent. They had sand bagged the north doors 3 foot high where the hotel was lowest then had to shopvac out water. Although by the time we made it down for breakfast it was business as usual. The hotel restaurant has a river view and the river was up to the window. The beautiful chrystal blue pool is not a pukey river green.The water is receding quickly though. All this flooding has not stopped the locals from getting out and about by foot, bicycle, or car. Even some of the shops are open with water lapping up to their entrances. We believe that we should have not problem getting to our Consulate appointment to get Rebekah's Passport and Visa as well as take the oath that we will lover and care for her. There is an elevated road to and from the White Swan Hotel from the main land. We have not heard if any flights have been delayed yet but we still have a day before we leave. Hopefully by then the storm will have passed and we will be on our way. I would rather be delayed in the hotel than at the airport.

We prepared for just something like this yesterday. I went to the deli and bought sodas, water, peanut butter, bread, and snacks just in case we were stuck in the hotel. Madeline is happy with her dvd player and the Ariel Beginnings video we bought for her before the trip is almost worn out. She has watched it umpteen times. There is a play room on the 1st floor where it did not flood so we will go down there to get our energy out. I still have a few things that I ordered that I need to pick up later tonight and hope the water is all gone by later this afternoon becasue I am not going to wade out in the water because I do not know how polluted it is.

We cannot wait to see ya'll soon. Our total flight time to Mineapolis is going to be about 17 hours with a hour and a half layover in Tokyo. So by the time we get in to Mineapolis we should be wiped out. More to come soon.


Typhoon Hagupit that is. Hagupit is passing to the south of Guangzhou and we are expected to get winds and lots of rain. We have had some pretty good down pours but only intermitten so far. They believe that the more significant rainfall will begin tonight after midnight and continue into tomorrow. So we have got most all of our shopping done and only have to pick a few things up tomorrow. We have already packed...nothing like being anxious to come home, packing 2 days before we leave eh?

Pray we are not delayed