Saturday, May 8, 2010

laughed so hard it hurt.

Mad's had her first T~Ball game today. Kelly and I laughed so hard our sides hurt. Kids were everywhere. When the ball was hit 2 or 3 of them would converge on the ball. One time the 1st baseman ran all the way to 3rd to try and field the ball. WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME WE HAD! She has been so excited for this day she was counting down the days. Her team is the Orioles and boy did they play their hearts out. Each batter has 3 chances to hit a pitched ball, if they do not hit the ball they then hit off the tee. There are no outs and no runs are not counted, the team simply bat through the line up one time and their side of the inning is over. I was very proud of Mad's, when she hit the ball her first at bat she ran right to 1st base without hesitation. Although, when it was her time to run to 2nd she was a little confused where to go. It was funny, she stood with both feet on the base almost at attention. There were 2 ball hit towards her and she nearly caught one of of them. She did knock it down though but did not know where to throw it after she picked it up. Mad's did hit a ball that was pitched at her. She hit it off her hand and it was more of a bunt than a hit but as with all the batters she made it to 1st.
Ready to catch the pop up. She missed it but I love the face. I wish the camera focused on her instead of the other kiddos.

She did not field this one but she stop it

Watching the ball

Swinging at a pitch...keep your mouth closed

1st hit off the TEE

Crossing homeplate, no I do not think she touched homeplate

Waiting for the hit

In the outfield, which is actually in the in field

Heading to the plate

Ready to bat

Watching the ball

Mad's 1st hit which was more of a bunt