Monday, June 23, 2008

Please stand by...we are experincing technical difficulties

We have been experiencing technical difficulties the past few months but I am glad to say we are back on line. Hopefully, for a good long time. First off our one and a half year old hard drive went kaput. Luckily we were able to backup everything up although there are a few things I have not been able to unback-up. Then (I did not know this was possible) our cable internet was fluctuating from on to off. After switching out the modem 2 times I finally called customer service (whole other story of frustration) and they said our problem was because we had TOO MUCH POWER coming from the line. They came out and tweeked it and vuaalaaa we had uninterupted internet. And finally, our internal wireless internet card kicked the bucket, I have remidied that problem today. Now I have no excuse not to keep up my blog except for laziness.