Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Home & Random Pictures

WE ARE MOVING!!! YEAH!!! We are in the process of buying a new home. We are scheduled to close on this coming Thursday and the movers are scheduled to arrive bright and early Saturday morning. We are very excited and are praying for our current home to sell. We have had 2 showings so far even though our for sale sign (along with about 5 other signs) was stolen.

A while back we had a "snow day" and Madeline wanted to bake something. She enjoyed getting flour everywhere and Rebekah was eager to help but a little to small.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We have lived at our home for over 6 years now and I have always found it difficult to grow plants and flowers. Our soil here is mostly clay which is not good for growing plants or for our foundation for that matter. But I am always suprised at the volunteer plants that seem to pop up from time to time. Just the other day I noticed a plant pushing through one of the most dry and rocky spots in our yard, and now it has bloomed into beautiful purple flowers. I know it is some kind of bulb but was unaware that a bulb could remain dormant in the ground for 6+ years and then bloom so beautifully. I do not know what kind of flower it is but will enjoy it.