Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ne·glect ~ To leave undone or unattended to especially through carelessness.

This is exactly what I have done regarding my blog over the last 3 months or so. My mind has not been all that focused lately and when I do take the time to sit down and update my blog I cannot find the words to say. I will try to muster up some words now but cannot be sure how coherent they will be and I am hoping to not confuse those few who keep up with me here.

The other day I was listening to music while cleaning out & rearranging my garage when the song "Jesus Paid it All" came on. A song I have listened to many times and is one of my favorites. Although, this particular day the words in verse 3 struck me with a deeper meaning than I had never afforded them. As the words came I just stopped lowered my head and through tears smiled.
"And when before the throne
I stand in Him complete,
Jesus died my soul to save
my lips shall still repeat
I thought about my Mother, brother, and Father-in-law, all who have gone on to be with Jesus. Life without them has not been easy, every day I think of them and long to see their face and hug their neck. I remember praying fervently for their healing and though I have a peace, I always wondered why my prayers went "unanswered".

Or so I thought!

As the words of the song poured over me it was as if a switch was turned on and my eyes were opened ~ THEY ARE COMPLETE!! My prayers were not unaswered as I had thought, they were answered but not in the way I had wished for them to be. There is no more perfect healing than to be COMPLETE in the Lord. That doesn't mean their absense is any less painful. But as I think of them now I am reminded that what it was that limited them is gone, what it was that was stolen from them by disease has been restored, what was silent now sings and the old is new. What a JOY that is! I will still cry when I think of them and long they were here with me. But, I rest in the promise of God that I will be reunited with them, that they are a new creation and there is no sadness,disease, or pain in heaven. I am so very thankful that we do not greive as those who have no hope.