Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lets Play Ball!

Today was Mads 1st T~ball practice and what a practice it turned out to be. She is the oldest and the only girl on her team. She is a Baltimore Oriole. Mads was sad at first when she learned she was not a Texas Ranger but perked up when I told her she would wear a ORANGE hat, she loves the color orange. It was a typical first T~Ball practice balls being thrown in everywhere, going threw the kiddo's legs, and bats being swung in every direction. It was a great practice! I absolutely love watching the kiddo's having such a wonderful time. Kelly, helped coach the kiddo's hitting the ball off the Tee, I think he had about as much fun as Mads did. I could not help out very much seeing I am still on doctors restrictions from my surgery so I just took pictures. I had to laugh out loud when the practice ended. Almost immediately three little boys were playing in the home plate dirt.

We have been working with Mads for the past couple of months so she is a good at throwing and hitting off a tee. She is getting better at catching and fielding but she needs a lot more practice batting a pitched ball. She has a pretty good swing but she usually swings early.

Tonight, Coach Payne put Mads at 2nd base. I thought she would be happy becasue Ian Kinsler (her 2nd favorite Ranger) plays 2nd but she was sad becasue she really wants to play Left Field, Josh Hamilton's position.