Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fan appreciation day at the Ranger's game quickly turned into cry hysterically day for Madeline when the mob mentality took over at the the home plate gate to meet the players. There were about 1O Ranger's at the Home Plate gate and Madeline got to meet Michael Young, Pudge Rodriguez, and Eddie Guardado with no problem then all stink broke loose. People were pushing, security was yelling at you to go one way then another security guard told you to go back then the first security guard told you to go back, it was a never ending cycle. We just stood there and waited for a hole to open up then we took it only for it to close up again and then the security guards would yell at you again. When we thought we saw day light these 2 adults ~ yes I said adults, people who should know better ~ came barreling at Madeline and Me and pulled a redrover stunt and broke our hands free from eachother. Madeline was quickly out of my reach and sight and being pushed away from me with the crowd. In my panic I grabbed the two adults who pushed us apart by the shoulders and pushed them apart nearly knocking one over, to see Madeline with shock and horror on her face as she thought she had lost me. I grabbed her up in my arms, with all the other stuff I was carrying, and we just beat it out of there. I did not notice she was crying until we were well away from the mob. She sobbed for about 1O minutes. 3 Ranger's employees came over to see if she were alright and they got an earful from me at how it could be run better, nicely though. They were all very kind and thoughtful, one even gave Madeline a hat. She was very nervous about having to go by 5 people after that experience.

All in all we settled into our seats with nachos, hotdogs, & a cola slushy and all was right again, except the Rangers blew a 5 run lead in the 8th & 9th. It was very nice to spen the afternoon with Madeline, she loves baseball and it was fun to see her eyes light up.
Madeline with Eddie Guadardo, Relief Pitcher

Madeline with Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, Catcher
or as Madeline likes to call him "the man who looks like Ethan"

I love watching the pitchers and how they put every ounce of effort they have into throwing the ball. Our seats were GREAT and I was able to get some good pictures of the pitchers tonight.
Brandan McCarthy, Ranger's starting pitcher for the game

Neftali Feliz, Relief Pitcher

Frankie Francisco, closer

CJ Wilson, Relief pitcher

Darran O'Dey, Relief Pitcher ~ side arm thrower...very weird

Elvis Andrus being caught stealing 3rd...he usually is safe

Rookie, Elvis Andrus trying to tag a stealing Ray...missed it by that much