Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crabtree goes to the 49er's in the 10th pick overall!

WOOOHOOO! The 49er's finally are making smart draft pick choices. Very Excited!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Madeline had her 6th birthday this week. She has been counting down the days since October last year. We had a wonderful day that started at 5:45am when Madeline came into our room with a bound and announced loudly "It's my birthday ~ I'm 6 today!" Thing was she was so excited and wanting to announce JOY of her BIG DAY that she missed an obvious clue of one of her presents, (an adjustible art easel with a dry erase board on one side and chalk board on the other). We put the easel in the upstairs playroom and strung a string from the easel down the stairs to her room with bright red arrows pointing the way she should go. So our plan to suprise her was foiled. She will get to celebrate her birthday 2 more times before all is said and done.

Rebekah has really grown over the past month. She is talking up a storm and picking up words right and left. She can say drink (gink), water (waa), thank you (teeto), duck (guk), and a few more. She is walking like a olympic speed walking champion as well. From the moment she gets up she is walking, she doesn't stop. She is becomming more outgoing and strongheaded as well. She knows what she wants and makes it known. She has also trying to perfect the art of the fake cry. Needless to say she has not mastered it yet, but it is cute to watch her try to. I am amazed at just how many words she understands and for the most part obeys.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

While taking a bath tonight, Rebekah found herself a fancy new toy. She spent half of her bath admiring herself in the tub overflow valve. I couldn't pass up the kodak moment.

Monday, April 6, 2009

We have had some very beautiful weather here lately allowing us to get some much needed yard work done. Although, we woke up this morning to tempatures in the mid 30's and tonight we will have a freeze (hopefully our last). Many people have already begun planting their spring gardens only to hope this recent freeze does not kill everything they planted over the past beautiful weekend. Luckily we did not plant anything, just maintainace around the house. Kelly bought a power washer to clean our weathered fences and Madeline was absoulutly facinated. As you can see, Kelly had some fun with it for Madeline's benefit. But the real treat was when he let her power wash the fence, she had a BLAST, although she was not that efficient. Madeline also helped out by holding the ladder for daddy so he, "wouldn't fall on his head."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am not real sure why they call them Easter Egg Hunts anymore because they just throw the eggs out in the wide open and there is not hunting involved anymore. They should call them "Collect the Most Easter Eggs that are Laying Out in the Open". Regardless, we had a wonderful day of 2 Easter Egg Hunts and many miles between them. Rebekah joined in the hunt like she was a pro, no hesitation. Although, she might have thought it was time to clean up, with all those eggs laying around. Madeline is slowly overcoming her fear of Easter Bunny's and other people dressed up like fictional characters. She went right up to the Easter Bunny sat in her lap while giving her a hug. Lets hope the days of her screaming and cowering on my lap are over.
Madeline saw the pony rides and that was all she wrote. The rest of the day it was "Mommy, can we go and ride the horses again."

Rebekah and Sue Sue ā yí (Chinese for aunt)

"You want me to do WHAT?" Rebekah still to this day does not like grass, even if she has sock and shoes on. You put her down in grass and she crys and crys.

Picking up eggs like a pro

Whats in my basket.

Madeline helping Rebekah open eggs. I love the expression of surprise on Madeline's face

Ready, Set, Go!!!

Madeline, Nathan, and Rebekah enjoying their spoils

Cousin Nathan "the Blue Tiger".

Rebekah's up close and personal encounter with a lamb.