Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Madeline came out to me tonight after I had tucked her ino bed and told me, "I'm sorry for unbeying you today" Translation, unbeying = disobeying


Tropical Storm Edouard just might make it to North Texas. Tonight as I was heading to the store, and backing out of the garage PLOP PLOP PLOP came raining down on my car. IT WAS RAINING - and much to my shock because it was as bright and sunny as it could be. I never knew it could rain without clouds (well there were clouds but not like rain clouds or anything just patchy big puffy white things) BIG drops of rain fell with a splat splat splat! I was joyous because we have been having very hot dry weather lately (107 on Sunday and Monday and a totaly of 12 100+ days in a row). The humidity rose to a stifling level but the temperature fell, thank goodness because our AC has been working overtime lately. It did not rain for long but what we got was very nice and we are hoping for more. It also caused 2 beautiful and vivid rainbows. COME ON EDUARDO, COME TO NORTH TEXAS


I was awakened this morning to learn that another earthquake had hit the Sichuan Province in China. The quake was another aftershock in a series of aftershocks that have hit the region since the devastating 7.9 earthquake on May 12th. This latest aftershocks epicenter was 30 miles northwest of Guangyuan which is near the northern border of Sichuan. XiuShan, were our daughter Rebekah Wei is living, is about 362 miles southeast from this latest 6.1 aftershock (about the same distance during the May 12th quake) and should not have had any damage, though they may have felt it. With the news of this new quake I am reminded that the people of Chengdu, which was 50 miles WNW from the epicenter, and surrounding areas are still in need of our prayers. The devastation in that area is great and many people who survived were left with little to nothing.

Kelly, Madeline, and I will travel to Chongqing China to be united with Rebekah Wei. Chongqing is approximately 215 miles ESE from the epicenter of the earthquake and aftershocks. We ask that you pray for us and our travel safety. We also, and most importantly, ask you to pray for the people of the earthquake region. I am at a loss to know how to pray because I have never experienced the devastation or loss the Sichuan people have just experienced. But I ask you to pray as you are lead for comfort, peace, and healing both physical and emotional.

These pictures are from the May 12 earthquake