Monday, August 4, 2008


Yippeeee! We have received our approval to travel to China today. You may be asking, "what does that mean?" Well it basically means we have cleared one of 2 major hurdles. We are still waiting on the American Consulate appointment and after we receive that then we will know when we travel. We are still hoping that we will leave sometime in mid to late August so Madeline will not miss her whole first 2 weeks of school but we just do not know. Please pray that the American Consulate can schedule our appointments SOON. Thank you all

No travel word yet

I love this picture of a baby piggy smelling a flower. Rebekah Wei was born in the year of the pig and we have chosen baby piggy's as a theme for decorating her room. We are still waiting on our travel approval from China. We are not all too worried about the time it is taking to receive them becasue our agency said it could take up to 3 weeks. They believe that they could hear something this week. Once we get our travel approval we can make our American Consulate appointment and we should be off with in 2 weeks. A good estimate of a departure date would be the last week in August.