Friday, September 12, 2008


It is official, Rebekah is ours. We were in civil affairs yesterday, we paid the money, signed the papers, took the pictures, gave the fingerprints, took the oath and now Rebekah is OURS!!!! YEAH.

This adoption experience has been totally different, procedure wise, than Madeline's was. One thing we were able to do was to sit down with Rebekah's orphanage director and ask her questions. We kinda did this with Madeline but it was rushed and we really were not able to ask may questions. We got to ask about her personality, who her nanny was, what she likes and dislikes, how and why she was given her name, and lots more. One thing we have been worried about is she really is not taking her bottle, she is on table food, which most other babies are not just yet, but her feeding schedule says she still is on the bottle. Typically, the babies down the bottle within seconds, not Rebekah. The orphanage directer said that Rebekah is a slow eater, she likes to drink some then look around and take in the scenery. That was the reason she was placed in foster care in March, her weight was dropping because she was not eating like "normal" so they placed her in foster care for more individual attention. Once her weight came back up and they realized she takes her own sweet time eating she went back to the orphanage. The caregivers and director really love the babies and they kept taking them out of our arms at civil affairs to kiss them and wish them goodbye.
We get to go to walmart today to buy baby stuff. Madeline was going to buy some special toys to play with but with here being sick that is now left up to me. Will write later

High Tempertures Here

You probably think I am going to talk about how hot it is here in Chongqing...NOPE Madeline began complaining of a sore throat in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. I thought it was just allergies becasue my throat is a bit scratchy as well. WELLL, I was wrong. She woke up at 2am with a 102.7 fever, Motrin and Tylenal has brought it down 1 degree. All this traveling, messed up sleep, and disrupeted eating has really done a number on Madeline. She is really upbeat and happy but we will be keeping her indoors away from all the other babies and Tia, an 8 year old friend she has made. They are like peas and carrots (peas and carrots is written like Forrest Forrest Gump would say). Please pray that she gets well before Friday the 19th. If she still has a fever they will not let her on a plane here. Other than that we are all doing great! Rebekah is adjusting well, she is napping more than she is typically use to though, she is beautiful sleeping.