Tuesday, September 16, 2008

eating bliss and silent shopping

We have great news...rebekah is finally taking her bottle...well sort of. I went out and bought a tippy cup without a no spill plug and vualla the child drinketh. We do not know exactly why but the formula is free flowing and she does not have to suck. We have come to the conclusion that she may have an issue with her "sucking reflex" or she may have a reaction to the plastic nipple. The nanny said she has always been a very slow eater, it may be because she is alergic to what ever the nipple is made out of, who knows, All I know is she is sucking down the formula now and always wants more. YEAH!!

I have experienced silent shopping. When we venture out and about it is usually by ourselves with no translator so that means we have much difficulty communication with the exception of saying thank you and hello. I went to buy the tippy cup today and the whole transaction was done without words but alot of pointing and gesturing. It is really fun. Eating out is also an adventure, we have gone to many a resturant and if we are lucky there will be a picture of what the food is on the menu but most of the times there is not. So what you order can be a suprise. Luckily we have not had pig tail or duck stomach yet (a entre we saw on our cruise for the Mid Autumn Festival). On a side note, pigs tail does not look like what I would say is a pigs tail, quite long and straight.

Rebekah is coming out of her shell. She is babbling a lot more and when you tickle her she actually laughs, which is better than screaming, although sometimes when she screams it sounds like laughter. Madeline is having more and more difficulty adjusting. She is feeling left out and that Rebekah is getting more attention than she. We are trying to do fun stuff just with her like swimming and shoping. Yesturday we went to Toys R Us and bought her a caucasian barbie that sings in Chinese. Tomorrow we will try bowling, she really wants to try ice skating but nobody wants to see me ice skate and my ankles surly do not want me to try it.

We went to Eling Park yesturday and it was beautiful. The sun even came out, something that hasn't happened but once for about 10 minutes since we have been here.