Saturday, July 25, 2009

Family Fun


Kelly's sister and her family are here from Florida enjoying the HOT Texas weather. We have had loads of fun with Melissa, Scott and their boys Reese and Teagan. Ranger's game, touring the new Cowboys stadium, trian rides, and of course swimming. It is always great to see the kiddos get together after 6 months apart ~ it is like no time has passed since they have seen each other. They jump right in and play ~ play ~ play! Rebekah has taken to her cousin Reese. She wants to be a big kid so bad. Oddly enough there have been no major meltdowns as to whose toy it is or who had it first. I am enjoying the house being full of love, laughter, joy, and buisiness. I will miss it when they leave.

new cowboys stadium

inside cowboys proshop

Cowboys Field

the fam on the upper level

view of The Ballpark

cowboys star where the cowboys enter field

field level suite

the best part of the new cowboys stadium tour

eagerly waiting to get into the Ranger's Ballpark

even bees want to go to the game

gettng Saltalamachia's autograph (on a side note Saltalamachia came down with swine flu symptoms the day after we got his autograph

mads learning to eat sunflower seeds

the ballpark

Teagarden warming up

Nippert warming up ~ winning pitcher in the sweep of the RedSox

Rangers bullpen redbull salute

mads showing off her CJ Wilson autograph

cotton candy ~ sugar rush

riding the tarantula train and waving to the crowd



cannon ball

t-minus 2 seconds to launch

kicking in the water

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For the First Time

One year ago today at 1:51pm we heard your name for the first time. One year ago today at 4:21pm we saw your face for the first time. From that moment our lives have changed, we have been so blessed.



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Independance Day

We had a wonderful Independence Day Celebration with family, food, swimming, and a lot of fireworks. The girls did not get to sleep until after 10pm (and for Rebekah that was REALLY pushing it) but it was worth it for her to celebrate her first Independence Day. She was not scared at all at the loud booms...just a big smile. On a side note, fireworks sold to the public have become more sophisticated than when I was a kid.

Rebekah having a Ball.


I smell HotDogs!


Working on a Holiday

The Commute

Chilling in the pool


A balancing act

Sue Sue Goofing off

Madeline, Cousin Joanne, Rebekah and Elizabeth

WOW!!! (expression when a string of lady fingers were lit)

I'm Tired and I WANT MOMMY!!!!!!

Pop Pop and Nathan

Sparkler fun (although sparklers when I was younger were funner)