Tuesday, June 30, 2009

As I have come to know, normal after the death of my mother was not what it was, it is a different normal if there is such a thing. With her death my life changed and it will never be as it was, how can it be. After I experienced the unmeasurable pain of my mother's death the best that I have been able to do is to learn to live without her and it has not been easy. The pain of her loss has weakened over the past 5 years but not by much. Daily thoughts of her come to mind and memories . (good and not so good) come flooding back and at that instant joy and sadness fill my heart ~ a smile creases my lips as tears fall from my eyes. The only thing I have been able to cling to is the promise and peace God gave me upon my pleading. My prayers for my mother's physical healing were not answered but God did give me a peace that I cannot explain that has carried me through until now, through the death of my brother 2 years ago this July 16th and will carry me in the future