Monday, September 15, 2008

Not much time right now to give you a complete update on our goings on here in Chongqing the last couple of days. We have to get ready for breakfast and then off to the zoo to see the pandas, the Chongqing zoo is said to have the most famous panda in the world. I don't know much about that but Madeline is excited. She wants to bring her stuffed panda along so he can see his friends.

Rebekah's feeding times is not getting better. We are, well at least I am, at our wits end trying to get her to take her bottle. We put a call into the orphanage director and we get a private audience with her nanny today. No she is not coming up (6 hours by train) just for us, they have some more babies to unite with their parents today at a different hotel and they will make a special stop here to give us some pointers. She will eat but only by spoon which is VERY MESSY! There is 1 time a day she will take a bottle and that is in the morning right when she gets up, but it is on her terms! We are hoping that she is just grieving still but it can also be that we are just doing it wrong for her liking.

We are all doing GREAT! We all are in bed sleeping by 8pm though so all of us are getting about 10 hours each night but we all need about a hour and a half nap each day that we usually feel like taking at 10am.

Madeline and Rebekah are watching BOZ on the bed. Rebekah loves all the bright colors and singing. she kicks her feet when they sing and starts making a bunch of noise. Well it is time for breakfast then PANDA TIME. I will post pictures later today when we have some down time. Love you all.