Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well we finally have Rebekah in our arms. We got the call to come down to the conference room at 2:55, our guide, Michelle, told us to come down at 3:15 but we left early and proceeded to wait for 45 minutes. There are 16 families in our group so when the babies came in there were oooo's and ahhhhh's coming from every corner. Madeline was going to video tape our gotcha moment but another family volunteered so Madeline could be in on the moment. We were the last family to get our daughter. I had figured that it would be that way because she was the last baby to come in with her nanny...yes I recognized her before she was announced. It wasn't long and she was in our arms. She did not cry, but mommy did. Madeline was excited and kept asking "can I hold her, can I hold her" so she held her. Rebekah really did not cry until we got her back to the room...and boy can she cry! She seems to have bonded with us already. Kelly had to leave to sign some paperwork so Madeline and I broke out the magic food...CHEERIOS and she perked up and began interacting with us instead of crying. When Kelly returned, Rebekah saw him and started to kick her feet and then she smiled for the first time and began to laugh. From then on it has been smiling, laughing, and goo gooing. She likes the "papa ooo mau mau" song and "copacobana" by Barry Manilow, go figure that one. She seems to have attached to mama because when I tried to leave the room for the bathroom she began to cry (makes me feel good). All three of my babies are now asleep and enjoying their sweet dreams. (Kelly fell asleep before everyone.) Madeline was trying to stay awake and when I finally said to go brush her teeth and pray she broke down crying because she wanted to stay up and watch Rebekah sleep. It took Rebekah only 5 seconds to conk out. We know she was fighting it but when she was ready that was all she wrote.
Oh you guys are probably saying, "PICTURES...SHOW ME SOME PICTURES!!!" Here they are.


Well it is one and a half hours before we are to be united with Rebekah. We have been asked to stay in our hotel room and wait for a call to notify us that Rebekah has arrived then, in a few short moments she will be in our arms.