Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm 1

Hullow every one, I am 1 year old today - YEAH!!! We celebrated Rebekah's birthday at Ye Ye & Nai Nai's on Saturday which was Nai Nai's birthday. We had a great time opening presents and eating cake. Although, Rebekah did not find much interest in her presents themselves as she did the wrapping paper and boxes. Madeline LOVED helping open all the presents. She also was more interested in feeding cake to Madeline and Kelly than eating it herself. Rebekah has discovered TV which is a good or bad thing however you look at it. The good thing is I can leave the room for 30 seconds without her crying, the bad thing is she like "Elmo's World" on Sesame Street and I REALLY DO NOT LIKE "Elmo's World." His voice is so annoying! Rebekah still likes the Wiggles and is now beginning to dance to the songs, it is so cute. She is trying hard to put the shaped blocks in the geometric box but not the right shapes in the right holes so there is a lot of banging. No words yet but a lot of "da da's, ma ma's" and now "va va's" but she is trying. She is learning the art of giving a kiss, however slobbery it is, it still is a kiss and I'll take them. We are really looking forward to her reaching 20 pounds so we can finally turn the car seat around, just 1 more pound to go.