Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dear Penn State Students who are rioting in support of Joe Paterno,

KNOCK IT OFF!!! Everyone in the country realizes that it was Sandusky alone who tragically ended the childhoods of an untold number of children. BUT there also was an enormous failure on so many levels & by so many people to prevent further tragedy & harm to more children & provide justice for the ones already harmed.

Joe Paterno played a major part in that failure! Mike McQueary, who witnessed an assault occurring and did nothing played a major part of that failure, the athletic director played a major part of that failure; the administration played a major part of that failure. HOW IN THE WORLD can a person receive a position of honor such as Coach Emeritus after allegations of & being observed sexually abusing a child. Sandusky was rewarded it is that simple & it is appalling. Everyone who had a hand in NOT reporting these incidents to law enforcement authorities are responsible.

We all make choices in our lives & the choice by Paterno, McQueary, the AD, the Administration to NOT act in advocacy for these children, but in turn rewarded Sandusky with the position of Coach Emeritus are RESPONSIBLE in some way shape or form! They in effect, by their OMISSION TO ACT, gave Sandusky a free pass to continue his destruction of childhoods.
The Board of Trusties absolutely did the right thing in firing Paterno. By Paterno's OMITTING TO ACT (other than informing the Administration) he put countless more children at risk to Sandusky's torture & cruelty. JUST THINK OF WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IF PATERNO STOPPED THIS WHEN HE FOUND OUT...HEAR THAT IT IS THE SOUND OF LAUGHTER BY THE CHILDREN SPARED FROM SANDUSKY'S TORTURE BUT INSTEAD ALL WE HEAR IS TEARS!

Yes, Paterno is a great coach & did deserve all the accolades of being a great coach but the moment he failed to notify police of Sandusky’s sexual abuse of children he forfeited the honor of being the head coach of Penn State, he forfeited the honor of receiving all the accolades of being the most winningest coach in college football, he forfeited the honor of respect from people like me. Paterno should not be allowed to coach even one nanosecond more of Penn State football. Paterno is not the only one who, by their inaction, should forfeited their jobs, accolades, & respect, there are many more & if Penn State Board of Trustees is serious about reestablishing the reputation of the school they will fire more coaches, staff, & administration officials, all of which turned a blind eye to Sandusky’s abuse.

Paterno’s comments to press & “supporters” outside his home last night were even more sickening to me as a human being. Paterno’s hollow statement of “I’m praying for these children” is just utterly unacceptable. For Paterno to come out and say he is praying for these children AFTER he did nothing and could have stop it ten years ago is absurd and ridiculous! What Paterno SHOULD have said is:
“I am sorry. I failed these children, I failed their parents, I failed this community, I failed school when I did not report Sandusky to the proper authorities. There is nothing I can do to now but admit I was wrong by not reporting what I knew ten years ago immediately. I am truly sorry for my inaction and beg forgiveness from the children who were hurt and their families and from God.”
Only after a statement somewhat like that will I accept his comment of, “I am praying for these children”.

In addition, the Board of Trustees should be adamant that any financial settlements that arise from this cover up should come solely out of the Penn State Football budget and nowhere else.