Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Made it toChongqing

Ni Hao from Chongqing. Well we finally made it to Chongqing no worse for wear this morning. We are exhausted but ok. We laid down for a quick nap this afternoon at 3pm not wanting to sleep long for fear we would not be able to go to sleep tonight...WRONG - we slept for 2 hours and had avery difficult time getting up. Madeline did not fair so well on the planes, she got airsick at the end of our flight to Tokyo, and threw up in the only thing we could reach for, a airplane blanket...YUK. Poor girl, she has been getting airsick ever since. It usually comes about right after a bout of turbulance. Madeline has been her usually friend maker. On the plane to Tokyo there was a 6-year-old gild named Mion (me-on)who became fast friends when they saw eachother and hugged. Madeline immediately asked her to come sit with her (which very difficult on a plane) and watch a movie. Instead, they settled for doing and coloring dot-to-dots until the flight attendant came by and said they could not share a seat and seatbelt. So we sent Mion off with a few coloring pages and colored pencils.

Our guide, Michelle, is GREAT. She has done so much advance preparations for us, even checking us in the hotel before we got here. You may not think that is a big deal but it is A LOT after you have been traveling for over 26 hours straight and all you have to do is say "we are the Wood's" and they give you a key to go straight up to your room within seconds. Traffic is "crazy" here and there are not very many stop lights, we have only seen 2 so far, but everyone seems to get were they are going eventually.

We have found a few comforts of home real close to the hotel, one of which you coffee lovers will love.

Today is a day of rest for us before we begin the busy work of tomorrow at 10am. Our schedule has changed and we will be getting Rebekah at 3pm tomorrow instead of 5:30p - YEAH!!!. on a side note, Kelly has found the joy of hotel robes, I would upload a picture but have promised him I wouldn't.

Have a GREAT DAY today. We love you all.