Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Panda Express

I am trying to type one handed because I have Rebekah in my lap and she is facinated with the computer mouse pad...not to mention real wobbily. We went to the Chongqing Zoo yesturday and it was a nice change from the city. I was real impressed with most of the enclosures. They were in the process of up dating several enclosures to make them more habitat frendly. The weather started out nice then gradually became HOT & HUMID. YUK! It was an enjoyable day though. The zoo is built on a mountian side so we did a lot of climbing stairs, UGG. We mainly saw the Pandas and a few other exhibits, but because of the massive construction projects it appeared most of the animals were in temporary housing until their new habitats were completed. After the zoo we went to lunch at this very nice resturant. Madeline is having some difficulty adjusting to the food so we are eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. She is also getting use to squatting when going to the bathroom although she has poor control over where it goes, if you know what I mean. Madeline is however getting adjusted to being a big sister and the less attention she is getting. She seems to have turned the corner and that may be also due to she is now use to the time change. Less tears and obstinance - YEAH.

Today we went to the cultural architecual district that has buildings over 1000 years old and smells like it as well. We had fun shopping and taking pictures. The Chongqing people are very friendly and courious, they are constantly coming up to us, well Rebekah that is, and playing with her and caressing her hair and face. Our guides gave us a card that explains that we have adopted her and love her. When we were in Nanchang we did not experience it as much as here. I enjoy it because we get to interact with the people here, even though we have a hard time communicating. There was a deaf 90 year old man who took a liking to Rebekah, I was thankful to have his daughter there to try and translate.

Chongqing Zoo Pictures

Cultural Street