Friday, August 29, 2008

I have mentioned before that I have spent many summers and a few cold January's in Romania ministering to children living in orphanages. I have grown to love these children very much and am very sad that I have not been able to go back in recent years. I just found these videos of 2 of the summers we were there. A bunch of memories came flooding back that warmed my heart and filled my eyes with tears when I saw the faces of the children who are now 5 years older. I ask that if you watch these short videos that you would pray for the children you see. It is not necessary to know their names for to list them would be many, God knows their names and knows who you are praying for. Please pray that they would come to know Jesus and that God write their names on His palm. Tabara Buckner 2002 - Lapusna, Romania

Tabara Buckner 2003 - Lapusna, Romania (at the end of this video we are opening a new group home for 10 of the children. The monies to initially open this home which supplied all the furniture and large appliances was donated by Wedgwood Baptist Church. What a surprise these 10 children had when they went to their new HOME instead of an orphanage!!!)

"most of these children have heard of Jesus and His love for them, but they have never experienced it...that is what we are called to do, show them Christs love through our loving them, IT IS THAT SIMPLE!"

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